Here at B & M Burgers, we strive to exceed your expectations by using a few secret ingredients – love and dedication.

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Maxi Cheeseburger $5

This Maxi Cheeseburger comes with two juicy pieces of beef, lots of cheese melting on them and a vegetable base.

Meaty Cheeseburger $5

Our Meaty Cheeseburger brings in a mix of tasty meats – bacon, ham, lots of vegetables and good sauces.

Beef Cheeseburger $4

The Beef Cheeseburger is a classic – one of our customers' favorites. It is basic, but the extra sauces make it feel special.

LA Burger $4

The LA Burger comes in a different type of muffin, as well as lots of salad and veggies, bacon and ham on top.


Cheesecake $3

Our cheesecake has a killer texture, as well as just enough cream cheese and natural flavors – you have to try it!

Caramel Waffle $3

Apart from a homemade waffle, you also get a cup of caramel ice cream, a sliced banana and caramel sauce.

Crepes $3

Our crepes come in multiple flavors – whether you want a strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or caramel filling, we got you.

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Burgers – Part of our mission

B & M Burgers has become the nation's primary choice in terms of burgers.
We have specialized in taking burgers to another level. We are not just another food vendor on the market, but a business that puts pride in its unique flavors and recipes.

We use organic ingredients and natural flavors. Not only our burgers taste great, but they are also balanced and healthy.

We are not the type of business based on greasy foods that will make you fat, but a healthy alternative on the market.
What started like a family business became a giant in terms of nutrition – less calories, organic and healthy ingredients.

Furthermore, everything we do is home made. We do not bother buying frozen foods from various markets, but we get everything done in our own farms and kitchens. Trust us – this is the kind of food your grandmother tends to make.

News and articles

Belief in the Thai Amulet

For centuries, the odd, mystical spiritual links whose charm can be deeply felt by certain sorcerers and hex and charm practitioners and supernatural mystic powers have been unraveling and recognizing these rituals, & these are also connected with being the messenger of the good luck. Wide cosmopolitans all over the globe believe religiously that such manifestation of these mystical powers have ensue in the stream of many charming talismans that have made way to global market.
These amulets are also believed that they are enchanted by some miraculous spiritual powers that have the potential to alter fate of people who are committed believers of unknown mysterious force. Amulet have been pursued as the carrier of luck for thousands of years & therefore, today also, they are readily available, also in online shopping forum.
You should always learn about the practical use of amulets before diving further into the meaning of amulet. Amulets are some kind of protective material that describes the defense against lurking forces of evil. The prehistoric period describes amulets that can be acquired from the engravings of Roman civilizations to bring fertility & good health to women and children.
For their precious value and the past they carry, some of charm talismans and ancient amulets are often pursued by merchants & wealth tycoons. One of the most famous one is LP Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Hanuman. Bearers of this good luck are particularly common in Buddhist culture, in which people will still worship the statue of Buddha, which is believed in every household to be the health and good luck charm.
In Buddhist culture, having amulet is prolific, where many representations of such objects seem like available. While Buddha statue, which is marketed globally, is the most popular type of talisman, even on this digital market exchange of passably inexpensive credit, these seems  like large demand among other talisman as well as among these Asian roots, particularly regarding the wealth of amulets that are considered as the safeguard of fortune.
Knowing about the variation of wealth amulet around the world is important. When its about money, since they are the gatekeepers of the protection of fortune, the importance of amulets will still remain promiscuous. The popularity of various Chinese amulets has gained the commercial market’s limelight of late. One of such talismans is a 3-legged frog that has a lot of historical meaning. It is sold in form of a golden colour and the sign of compassion is the 3 legs. Obviously, this frog will also cast & available in different shape, in this it keeps in the mouth one to three coins signifying wealth security.

Best Application To Track Lost Phone

Lost your phone and wondering what to do now? Scared about all those data you have in phone which are very sensitive? Thieves are very smart these days they know all the methods to get your phone. They are updated with their trick so its high time that you also take all precautions to safeguard you phone and data in it. There are several methods that are available, you should make right choice now.

The top choice to recover lost phone is with Localiser un portable fr available at geolocaliserunportable.fr; the website has got great review from end users and professional reviewers. I also had to use their service last year and I can vouch for their authenticity. They are unbeatable in service, but their satellite may not be available worldwide. What will you do if you live in area where they do not service?

There are several small applications for your android or iOS phones which helps you to find misplaced or lost   phones. These applications are very easy to use and can turn your phone to ring mode. You just send text SMS with phrase then you phone will turn to loud mode. This feature will help you when your phone go missing somewhere nearby like on bed or on couch as it will be on silent mode it get hard to find and time goes just in finding it so in such case this feature helps.

Before you pay for these app, make sure to contact their support and check out their service from customer care. Setting up these apps are generally simple procedure, and you get screenshot with instruction which you have to follow. Most of these applications comes in 2 version: one free basic, and other paid with full features. In the pro version you will get many features like you can track your phone from long distance, you can change the pin of your phone, you can turn your phone to loud mode, you can delete the data, you can retrieve the data etc..

Even if the application is not installed in prior then also this can be installed easily by sending the text phase to your phone number. There is GPS based tracing option in this application by the help of this you can track accurate location of the phone. This application support google map for the best result. You have to select enable option to trace though GPS. Once you start tracking your phone it will send you location. This detail will be transferred to you with the time spam of 5 to 10min. This feature is damn good because it gives you the location even when the phone is moving continuously.

What to Do in Singapore in One Day

Singapore is a small country and highlights its attractions are not truly so far from each other. You can just hop from one to another place. Apart from that the system of transportation in the city is highly recommended and very good as well. One will be able to reach most popular sites by the train. If you are going to visit the Singapore for the first time do not be limited to explore the things. It would be better to tale the taxi or to use the MRT to get reached your destinations. So, it will not be too difficult even if you have not been at the city and it is not necessary to have a travel guide on your trip or sightseeing. You just need a fresh mind and adventurous heart to pay some cash to be proceeded soon. Then what you can do in the Singapore as you got only one day?

It depends on the time when you start early or what time of your day you are much free. You may able to try some special dishes of Singapore such as boiled egg (slightly cooked egg), Kaya toast which will be made up of toasted bread and coconut milk, also called as local toast of Singapore that will be matched to the style of the city, and Local kopi which is mostly available in centres of hawker. Airport cafes will also be being served this dish.

Your first stop will be the Esplanade which is theatres by the day and the structure of iconic durian in Singapore from the Changi Airport. You can find some malls, library isplanade and cosmopolitan food centres. This place will let us enjoy and take pictures of its beauty and adventure. And just beside that you can see the iconic statue of Singapore, Merlion which is sculpted on half fish and a half lion. Located in Merlion park. You can sit back and relax for some time on the benches and take photos in the park as this would be play an ultimate roll or stands like evidence to show that you have been in the country Singapore. Your trip will be incomplete if you don’t visit the merlion park on your day.

Marina bay sands and Singapore flyer are the areas around the city. You can choose the Singapore flyer to ride which lets everyone see and observe the neighboured countries Malaysia and Indonesia in spectacular view for 30 minutes on a huge and giant when in the world. Or you can just give a visit the skypark of marina bay sands to have a same view. You can also have a great entertainment form the lot of thing in the skypark of marina bay sands as it is considered as an entertainment complex which will be having restaurants, shops, museums of arts and science and more. This is the great place to take some snap shots.

If you feel hungry on the time, then you don’t have to think of where to go to have food as the esplanade will be having the lots of food centres around the city. It depends on your taste and choice of the foods. You may eager to make a check on the local taste of food including hokkien mee, laksa, chicken rice and chili crab.

If you feel free still in the afternoon, you can just want to visit the island Sentosa and take grab some beautiful photos with you. You just need to get on the MRT which goes to Sentosa whichever you fascinated. There are many things to do along with the beach, and the beautiful resorts world in the island including the huge universal studios. If you want to enjoy the experience in theme park, then your one day will be not enough to do the same especially everything. But your camera can be able to capture many amazing things. Just pick the best activities to do on the island. You can see an information booth which lets you know that when you should get down and where you can find some more useful information and what to do in the area of island.

However, if you are finally having free time only in the evening, the Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Park, and Esplanade are also perfect for the nightlife as it can transform into an amazing and enchanting beauty along with the colors and attraction of the lights and the darkest night where your eyes on the view of spectacular. After enjoying and having some best moments at this part of the city, hail or call a taxi and get on to the nearest Clarke Quay where you feel the night life of Singapore is so alive and much more fun than playing at https://acebet99.com/sportsbook/. Have some delicious food, chats and drinks or go for a ride on the boats along the River of Singapore. You can take back your home your best memories and prosperous moments in your pocket form the Singapore in One Day.

Malaysia – Top Best Tourist Destination in Asia

Malaysia, a precise destination for tour in Asia which has lot of things to offer for its travellers. If you are a person who feds up with your boring day to day as the routine, then it is the perfect time to make a book of your Holiday Package for Malaysia as it can take your body and mind from the load of tensions. You will be able to feel revitalised as never before ever.

In the country Malaysia you can definitely visit countless excursions and can explore some of the world’s best shopping centres and enjoy the most wonderful and exotic meals of Malay and go on some of the amazing and wonderful water sports and adventures that nowhere else in the world. And you will surely don’t have to worry about flights, visa, airports pickups and drops or hotels as all of these will be included in the Malaysian Tour Packages.

Malaysia is the country which is filled with numerous and unlimited fun, manifold of activities and entertainment which will be kept you busy and will never let you think of other world even for a small moment.

Some of the most attractive and visited sites and places which you can disguise in a travel package which can be customised are some of the most wonderful vibrant islands, exotic white and sandy beaches, classy and traditional shopping malls, delightful restaurants and hotels. Some of the websites like https://casinoreviews.my/uwin777-review/ are there with the classy resorts which offer adventurous activities and challenging sports.

One cannot describe the beauty of this country in one sentence of the words. It is must to be experienced and felt by your own. Well, apart from all of these and its beautiful sites, one can also be amazed and wondered by the culture of Malay which is an amazing mixture of various cultures and it is a very unique and wonder on its own.

Travelling within this country is also an affordable and very convenient so one can doesn’t have to be worried about staying in different cities while on the trip of Malaysia. One can take regional flights which are reliable and cheap to touring across the country and various islands.

One can be booked their tour package of Malaysia along with friends and the family. One can choose from a variety of Malaysian Tour Packages which can be customized. One can easily cover most of the wonderful and amazing spots in the country in 7 days 6 nights travel packages.

Cheap Hotels in Singapore

There are several cheap hotels in Singapore that provide with best facilities for reasonable rates. However, you need to select the one that offers you maximum benefits within your budget. Also, there are hotels that specialize according to the types of tourists who frequent them. You can much of the information through online sources. In fact, there are interesting packages offered by these hotels in the year 2020 for couples and families as well. Learn about the quality of services offered by visiting the website of a particular hotel. You can email to the corresponding contact in case of any queries.

Robertson Quay Hotel

This is one of the cheap hotels in Singapore that are a big hit with the tourists. Besides being accessible, it provides best hospitality services much to the delight of the tourists. The cheerful staff receives you with a big smile on their faces and this will make you to visit the hotel whenever you visit Singapore. The bathrooms are comfortable with latest bath fittings. Each room is well furnished with modern communication facilities along with good hygienic standards that are well maintained. The views provided by this hotel are excellent and is best for those who are looking for accommodation at a shoestring budget.

Four Seasons Hotel

When it comes to the matter of cheap hotels in Singapore, then you should look for accommodation. Located at the Orchard Boulevard, you cannot ask for more when one has to consider the facilities provided. The quality of food and service are both excellent. Best communication facilities are provided as there is a direct telephone line available for all your needs. If you have an interest to play online casino Singapore, then this hotel have special arrangement to meet your need. There is a fresh water swimming pool in which you can relax after getting tired from day long tours. In case you are at loss of cash, you need not panic. There is a money exchange facility too available.

Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel

When most of the cheap hotels in Singapore concentrate on the facilities alone, this one takes of the customer service as well. You can reach this hotel existing at the Raffles Boulevard very comfortably as regular transportation services are available. The breakfast provided is of excellent quality. It offers an ideal accommodation either you are visiting with your family or friends. The rooms are well furnished with latest communication facilities. You can go through online reviews so that you can know more exactly about its features.